Hamers Brew-Along 14-06-2021
2021-06-14 22:00:00

Do you love craft beer, but is your reaction to some beers "Ugh, who in the world would brew this beer?" Do you wonder how the large differences in taste arise, and would you like to learn to brew your own craft beer?

In that case, enrol for the Hamers Brew-Along on the 14th of June! Hamers Zonder Sikkel organises this activity and is an independent "dispuut", where everyone loves (brewing) (craft)beer. You will get your own brew kit sent to your home (Enschede/Hengelo) and we will organise a livestream where you can follow us step by step, and brew your own tripel. Learn how the brew process works, what the different steps are - and their effect on the beer - and end up with 5 liters of your own craft beer!

On the 14th of June, we will brew our beer, and you can follow us to brew yours, for about 3 hours. Then the yeasting process starts, which takes at least 2 weeks. After that we are going to bottle the beer (put it in bottles), and for that you can either empty a crate of swing-top bottles via your preferred method, or order swing-top bottles at the activity. You will have to clean them thoroughly in both cases, so there is not really a preferred method. The livestream itself will be interactive, so there is also an option to order 3 different kinds of craft beer. These bottles will then also be delivered to your home, and we will certainly taste them on the stream. For each type of beer, you will get a short explanation, leaving you with highly relevant information about how differences in the brewing process results in differences in beer taste - and beer types.

This event has been organized through the Members' Inititative. Do you have a great idea for an activity but you are not in a committee that could organize it? Send your ideas to goodidea@inter-actief.net and maybe you will be the next one to organize another great activity.